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Some questions beg to be answered. Some have answers, like “What is yogurt?” Others, do not, like most ever asked on LOST.

Here are some questions which have answers:

Q. What is this?

  A. This is a comic called "Benry Knows Best." It's about Benjamin Linus from the TV program LOST and all his adventures being a socially inept single father, cult leader and occasional psychopath. BKB started as jokes in 2008, then in early-early 2009 comics were born and ack_attack picked them up to run as a feature on her site, alongside her episode recaps. They ran there for about a year and a half and then ended when the series and Ack's writings came to a close.

Q. May I make icons out of these?

  A. Sure! Feel free to make icons or whatever have you. Just credit back to this journal, if you like and please don’t directly edit the little guys (ie drawing over them, making them do things that aren't nice, like… whipping elephants for instance).

Q. Do you mind if I friend you?

  A. Not at all! The more the merrier.

Q. Will you friend me back?

  A. I would love to! But I am terrible at managing things, as people may or may not have noticed. Taking the path of least effort, I will just leave this journal friended to those who helped the comic along. But know, like before, you are all in the friendlist of my harth.

Q. How do you do these?

  A. Unlike IHD, these comics were all drawn, to size, by hand. See:

Later, in super secret, they were scanned at work and put into Adobe Photoshop. I adjust the line contrast, the using the Quick Mask tool, I strip out the white background and lock the transparent pixels to colour the lineart. After the lines are coloured, I just set that layer on multiply, then colour beneath it. The word bubbles are just the defaults used in Photoshop and the font is Minion Pro.

Q. Are you male or female?

  A. ♥th.

Q. Who are you?

  A. A flower in a meadow. A bunny in time. I just like making comics for people and not getting in their way. I made the I Harth Darth comics, had life things for a long time, then made Benry Knows Best. I never go anywhere and say who I am, so if you see someone doing that, they are not me.

Q. Do you take requests?

  A. I do and I don’t. The Benry Knows Best comics are done. This is an archive, so no new comics. Sometimes though, I will make gifts for people, or someone sends me a story that makes me want to give them something. For the most part though, probably no. I love making people happy, but I can't say “YES” because I know life-constraints won't let me follow through and I feel so, so bad when I let people down. So, I suppose, let’s just leave it be. If you have a cute idea, feel free to leave it but I can’t make promises!

Q. Do you read your comments?

  A. Every. Single. One.

Q. Can I post unrelated ads or banners in the comments without any other comment or anything else trying to get people to know about a cause or something I’m selling etc etc etc?

  A. This isn’t really a question. People just do it. Here’s a warning. Please don’t do it. I don’t care what it is for, this is not the place to promote anything. It is a simple comic journal and people come here for entertainment. It doesn’t mean I don’t agree with causes or don’t appreciate the sentiment, I just think there are worthier places for campaigns to gain attention. It is an invasion and an abuse of the comment pages here and is considerably rude to post what is basically construed as an advertisement without even attaching a regarding message.
I will consider all similar messages to be spam and I will screen them from view. This is not the place. Please use personal journals and related communities in the future. If you really want to share- email.

Q. Merchandise?

  A. Hello. My name is Copyright Law.
Oh, I would love to make merchandise. What fun would it be? How much easier would it be to pay bills? But alas and no. Ben Linus and all others included in these comics are not my intellectual property.
ABC guards their material pretty defensively. I've seen them crack down on fanworks in the past. On the flip side, I've see other things go up for sale which you think wouldn't be ok. Still, like before, I don't want to get into trouble selling things without permission. This place is for fun, not for monies. If I do ever find out I can sell things, I'll make sure it's the right way and ya'll be the first to know! Otherwise, I am not going to make money off of someone else’s idea. It just isn’t, well, just.

This said, if you see someone else selling I Harth Darth or Benry Knows Best material, contact me immediately (iharthdarth at gmail) because I don’t want to get in trouble and the person selling things obviously never asked me if they could use my doodles for products because I would have said no.

Q. Can I make a comic of [insert topic here] in your style?

  A. Many, many people have asked this and that’s awesome!
To each and every one though, I have encouraged branching out and making their own style. Creativity is so important. In fact, I wish I was more creative here, not riding the back of some fandom whale. These comics aren’t worth emulating. Everyone should try to wow the public with their own taste and flavor. It’s much more satisfying personally and will be that much more enriching to the internet as a whole.
As to making variations on the jokes and phrases here: the only part of these comics which is, without a doubt “me,” are the words. Sometimes they are direct quotes from my mouth; so it’s even more strange when people want to try to mimic them. Let your own humor and words come through! It’s so much better than putting my words into someone else’s mouth.

Q. Would you affiliate with me?

  A. Alas, I don’t think I am looking for any affiliates.

Q. How can I contact you?

  A. The comments are the best way, but if there arises the occasion you have something really, really important there is this email: iharthdarth at gmail. THIS TIME I FIXED IT. That email basically went defunct in 2006 some time, but it works now for real. I am so sorry if you had trouble before!

If there is anything else you would like added to this list, just comment and let me know.

My Super Sparkly Others:

Like my Pink Stormies of IHD yore, I was not alone in this venture, ack_attack encouraged this comic from day 1 and kept it going on her site for over a year. She is my tribe of others, but instead of catering to a simpering mama's boy who lives in a foot, Ack is fabulous and likes pink glitter.

Or maybe that was me.

Mmm, sparklies.

My other Others, aren't named here but they know who they are and I love them all with my heart more than they will know.




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